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frede - glad



Frederik is the founder of We Feat and is currently.. old..
Frederik got the idea for We Feat, partly because of his love for nutrition, combined with training and the body’s general well being.
His dream is for the concept to expand in Denmark, and eventually Europe to ensure everybody gets a little bit of organic love in their life. 

Life motto is Hakuna Mata, from the Lion King.
Wants to own a Ford Mustang GT 500 from 1967!

benja - glad



Benjamin is the co-founder, of We Feat and is currently 25 years of age. He has previously worked in the field juice, coffee and general nutrition which has helped develop the concept of We Feat.
Benjamin enjoys long walks on the beach, while drinking his favorite coffee a cortado.
He has also worked in Nice, and Singapore! 

Is not helpful supplying fun facts about himself
Natural blonde

Full Time



Full-time bowler / Music man

Jakob aka Jay, is the mastermind behind our juice ‘The Jaykid’. It’s so good, he actually got it tattoed on his back, so yea… it’s quite good!
Jay is a bundle of energy and good mood if you’ve met him you know he talks a lot and on special occasions, he’s actually quite funny. If you need beautiful coffee for your Instagram, Jay knows the way. Soo.. yea its really good!

Wants to own a Corgi, Leonberger, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Berner
Also makes music. About to drop a mixtape 🔥🔥

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Full-time bowler

Nicoline aka Nico is indeed the only girl! For now at least. Nico is known for being really happy and always smiling.. aaand slightly noisy. She is a perfectionist, and always delivers the perfect looking Plant, Acai and Matcha bowls! Her falafel separation skills are unmatched! She is also the creator of our ‘The More The Berrier’ shake!

Once fell flat on her face, and looked like Quasimodo for a few weeks.
Is more manly than half of our staff.

Anthon Smiling


Full-time bowler / Kitchen 

Anthon is our one and only person from Copenhagen. It’s okay if you have a hard time understanding him ;-). Anthon works in the kitchen, and preps a lot of our food, for example, pickled onions, dressings, and salsa!
He also does some weird dance, while swinging his arms. Psst, ask him to do it!

Once had really long hair.
Has played music for 13 years (drums, guitar, bass, piano and singing)
He’s 11% Portuguese. Sim, por favor.

Coming soon

Full-time bowler

Coming soon

Coming soon

Part Time

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Part-time bowler / Web admin

Alexander aka Xander is one of two part-time employees, but obviously the best part-time in all of Denmark. Alexander studies multimedia design, which means he can make this website, and do stupid things in photoshop.
If anything sucks on the site, I’m sorry. 

Played a video game semi-professionally. Also played Diablo 3, 36 hours in a row. I also made this website.



Part-time bowler

Stefan aka new guy. Stefan is the new guy and will continue to be our new guy. Forever.
Stefan is actually from Herning, and is our second part-time employee studying German at AAU. So if you need help with your German homework, he will be able to help you. Maybe. 

Is from Herning, but has a tattoo saying ‘Aalborg’.. yeah..
New guy

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