At We Feat there is a lot of thought behind the menu. Not only are all our ingredients 100% organic, the meals are also formulated in collaboration with a nutritionist to ensure that not only the taste but also the nutrition is in place. This means that your body and brain gets what it requires of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals in “just a salad”. It also means that you get full, in that amazing and long-lasting way. Every morning we clean, cut and chop to ensure that the quality and freshness we serve meets the standard we know you, our guest expect.


Bowl icon - The Plant

Whats a bowl?

We Feat serves bowls that are a meal based on kale, which a nutritionist has helped to ensure that not only the taste but also the nutrition is on point. This means that your body and mind gets what it needs in a meal when it comes to carbs, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also 100% organic!

The Veggicana

‘The Mexi’
Cabbage, mixed salad, black beans, pickled onions, corn, bulgur, homemade salsa, falafel topped with creme fraiche, tortilla chips, and parsley

65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 410/610

The Autumn

Antioxidants / C-Vitamin
Chicken, brown beans, beets, tomato, potato, apple,
parsley-garlic dressing, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries
65,- DKK/90,- DKK

The Lee

‘Low Carb’
Chicken,cabbage, mixed salad, pineapple, beetroot, edamame beans, quinoa, chili dressing, and peanuts
65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 247/419

The Hottie

‘Burning Calories’
Pulled beef, cabbage, mixed salad, beetroot, edamame beans,
fresh chili, pickled onion, quinoa, chili dressing and sesame seeds
65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 226/366

The Plant

‘Vegetarian & Vegan’
Falafel, cabbage, mixed salad, avocado, brown beans, tomato,
apple, bulgur, basil-pesto (no nuts or cheese) and sesame seeds
65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 436/647

The Fast one

Chicken, cabbage, mixed salad, carrot, avocado, black beans, pineapple,
bulgur, parsley, basil-pesto(no nuts or cheese), and nigella seeds
65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 374/551

The Old School

‘Basic Health’
Pulled beef, cabbage, mixed salad, tomato, carrot, cucumber,
apple, barley, parsley, oil-vinegar dressing and rye bread crunch
65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 287/450

The Farmer

‘Most Protein’
Pulled beef, cabbage, mixed salad, brown beans, broccoli, cottage cheese,
pickled onion, barley, oil-vinegar dressing and sunflower seeds
65,- DKK /90,- DKK
kcal 330/512

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Avocado Icon

10,- DKK

Cheese Icon

10,- DKK

The Crispbread

The Shavacado

Avocado, pickled onions, lemon, nigella and sesame seeds

The Hidden Cottage

Cottage cheese, chili flakes and parsley
40,- DKK

The Nutty One

Banana, peanut butter and crumbled chocolate

The Juice


The Twister

Raspberry, ginger, lemon, apple
Kcal 184

The Upbeeter

‘Good for sports’
Beetroot, fennel, ginger, pineapple, apple
55,- DKK
Kcal 216

The Sourmix

‘Immune booster’
Lemon, ginger, apple
Kcal 218

The Hulk

‘Longlasting energy’
Broccoli, spinach, cucumber, ginger, apple
55,- DKK
kcal 180

The Fruitilicious

‘Quick energy’
Pineapple, carrot, banana, apple
55,- DKK
Kcal 217

The Autumn

Blueberry, chili, carrot, apple
55,- DKK
Kcal 170


The Green Gun

‘Beauty & fibers’
Avocado, lemon, ginger, spinach, apple
55,- DKK
Kcal 249

The Jaykid

Orange, raspberry, banana, apple
55,- DKK
Kcal 232

Add to Juice

Ginger icon

10,- DKK

Lemon Icon

10,- DKK

The Shakes

Shake icon

The Freddie

Blueberry, avocado, spinach,
banana, honey, coconut milk

55,- DKK
kcal 320

The More The Berrier

Blueberry, raspberry, banana, honey and vanilla-soymilk
55,- DKK
kcal 300

The Benji

‘Sweet but healthy’
Raspberry, banana, honey,

55,- DKK
kcal 290

The Johnny B

Chocolate-rice protein, banana, coconut,
spinach, honey, vanilla-soymilk

60,- DKK
Kcal 319

Acai Bowl

Breakfast and Snacks

Cookie Icon

The Danish

(Warm oatmeal with dates, cinnamon, hazelnut,
mulberries, raisins and apple)

40,- DKK /55,- DKK
kcal 296/503

The Hawaiian

(Warm oatmeal with dates, cinnamon, hazelnut,
mulberries, coconut flakes and pineapple)

40,- DKK /55,- DKK
kcal 320/536

Acai bowl

(Blueberry and banana blended with a bit of honey, acai-powder
and soy milk. Topped with muesli, coconutflakes and fresh fruit)

65,- DKK
kcal 370

Matcha bowl

(Spinach, avocado, banana blended with a bit of honey, matcha-powder
and almond milk. Topped with muesli, chia seeds and fresh fruit)

65,- DKK
kcal 412


(Blueberry/Licorice/Beetroot chili/Green revolution)
26,- DKK


Homemade Rawcake

(Dates, coconut oil, cocoa, hazelnuts, vanilla powder,
a pinch of salt and a hint of orange.)

32,- DKK
kcal 144

Cold Drink

Cold and Hot Drinks

Hot drink

Iced Coffee 30,- DKK
*Iced Latte
 40,- DKK
 20,- DKK
Sparkling water 25,- DKK
Coconut water (Natural, Banana, Acerola/Pineapple) 35,- DKK
Natural soda (Lemonade, Elderflower, Ginger) 28,- DKK

Espresso 24,- DKK
*Cortado 34,- DKK
*Flat white 40,- DKK
*Latte (small, medium, large) 34,- DKK /40,- DKK /44,- DKK
Americano 30,- DKK
*Cappuccino 40,- DKK
*Hot Cocoa 38,- DKK
Tea 28,- DKK
Matcha tea 35,- DKK
*Matcha latte 40,- DKK

*Choose between, Whole, Skim, Soy, Oat and Almond milk

Friend Card

What is a friend card?
A friend card is our way to say thank you to you, our guest for visiting us frequently.
The way it works is that you’ll pay for 10 bowls, juices or coffees and receive a stamp card of your choosing.
That way you’ll be able to save money in the long run.

10 of your favorite COFFEEs (optional)
300,- DKK

10 of your favorite small BOWLS (optional)
525,- DKK

10 of your favorite big BOWLS (optional)
725,- DKK

10 of your favorite JUICE/SHAKES (optional)
450,- DKK

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