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At We Feat, we have open all days from early morning to late night – because we think it’s important that we are available when you need it. We spend the quiet morning hours preparing for the day and in the kitchen where we mix dressings, pickled onion, roast various grains, spice meat and cook bulgur, quinoa and barley; and have organized our workflows so it can go fast – also at times when there are many people in the store.

Our home-made products are of course prepared so that they can be enjoyed by everyone, including people with intolerances, allergies, etc.

It is not possible to pre-order food or book a table, despite the fact that flexibility is one of our keywords. While we would love to, it makes no sense for us having to take a phone call, or reading messages on our iPad, while we are standing with our fingers in the salad bar does not coincide with the efficiency we would like you to experience as a guest.

Of course, you are always welcome to try to send us a request and if you know that you will be ordering more than 5 bowls at a certain time, we would also like to receive a notification by mail:
Aalborg: Anthon@wefeatorganic.com
Aarhus: Benjamin@wefeatorganic.com

Why We Feat?

wefeat - kop

Naming a food concept from a vision would turn out to be a major art form. Months of brainstorm brought us closer to the wording, which should characterize our products, warm atmosphere and friendly service DNA.

It became We feat. “WE” as a synonym for the community we all share. “FEAT”, which can have a transferred meaning which can also cover “an act of skill”, gave the right sound, association, and meaning, in our hearts. We Feat just rolls off the tongue, which we love!
It requires skill to serve a great cup of coffee, treat every guest with the same care, prepare a complete meal in a few minutes, making sure the taste and amount is perfect, whether it’s juice, food or coffee. We love what we do – and to share it with you.

Why organic?

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Health & Organic is for everyone

When you buy organic, you help create better animal welfare, more nature and taking good care of our environment. Organic is the focal point of our stores and for us, it is about taking care of themselves and their loved ones.
It has therefore also been natural for us to design our meals in cooperation with a nutritionist; so you get everything, that your body needs when you eat with us.

Why a bowl?


A bowl is not just a salad. It is a well-prepared meal, created to satisfy and nourish your system, all the way down to cellular levels. We receive commodities primarily from Hørkram, which is the most reliable deliverer of organic goods but also primarily supports local manufactures.

'Fun' facts

We would love to share some behind the scenes facts with you, so you can get closer to us at We Feat but also our brand and our employee’s hard work.

Our Coffee

It is a mix of 3 different kinds of beans, Peru Organic, Sumatra Gayo Mountain Mandheling and Indien Cherry AB Robusta Organic. This is a custom made blend, we have created our selves to ensure both taste and quality.

Our Peru Organic bean is under the Café Femenino foundation which is a non-profit organization. The foundation is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. The profit is donated to help the women on the farms, and to improve the farms for better work conditions. They also help with digging ditches for pipes in water projects, buildings and so on. All to help the women improve their living standard. Their work has been proven to reduce the abuse of women and improving their everyday.
Therefore by buying our coffee, you are actually helping improve living conditions for women in coffee-growing regions.

What is homemade

We pride ourselves on delivering a fantastic and honest product, which is why we do everything we can to make certain foods in our small kitchen.

Did you know, we weekly use about 10 kilos of red onion which we pickle ourselves.
We make every dressing, from the vinaigrette, pesto, chili and our seasonal dressing.
We put stickers on everything…
Our toppings for our bowls we roast ourselves, which includes the sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and rye bread crumble.
We wash and prepare our carrots and beetroot to be sliced into strips for your bowls, which we usually do early mornings.
We cook our barley, bulgur, and quinoa and pack it. 

Opening hours






11.00-20.00 (Aarhus 10:00-20:00)

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